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Audio and Visual

Please find underneath a selection of photos and music from current projects.  New recording projects are currently in process, and will be available soon.


00:00 / 03:54


Interplay Live

00:00 / 05:29


Interplay Live

00:00 / 06:38


Interplay Live

00:00 / 03:18

Waiting for the Blue

Vieux Carre

00:00 / 04:27

Mister Duda

Vieux Carre

00:00 / 02:26

Un Boeuf sur le Quai

Vieux Carre

00:00 / 03:23


Trio Zepher

00:00 / 06:46

Dons Chorus Song


00:00 / 05:56

Passion Dance


Track Listing-

1.Cuddly Interplay Live

2. Sonnymoon For Two Interplay Live (My solo is starts around 2:00 minutes)

3. Summertime Interplay Live

4. Waiting for the Blue Vieux Carré

5. Mister Duda Vieux Carré

6. Un Boeuf Sur Le Quai Vieux Carré

7. Anemos Extract Trio Zephyr

8. Dons Chorus Song Chenenko Live

9. Passion Dance Chenenko Live


1. A selection of tunes videoed by audience member Pete Watts in December 2015 in Chelmsford, Essex.

© 2011 All images and music extracts are copyrighted to the groups or individuals. Vieux Carré, Interplay, Trio Zephyr, Chenenko, and John Seeley.

Thank you to Chris Clarke, Nikki Parker, and Lawrence Randell for photos

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